Socrates for Students

Welcome to Socrates! Socrates makes learning fun. Here is how it works:

Pick your current grade level and create a login to get started.


Play fun games where you answer questions. Try playing Golden Knight to start. In that game, you answer questions to win the race against the enemy knight. As you answer questions, you earn tickets. If you beat the other knight, you get a token.

Golden Knight

Spend your tokens to play games in the token arcade. There are many games to choose from. Try different ones to see which you like. As you play games, you earn even more tickets. If you run out of tokens, don’t worry – you can answer more questions or play bonus games to earn more.


As you answer questions you can earn stars. When you gain enough stars, you go up a level! As you gain levels, you gain new bonus items. As you earn tickets, you get closer to your goal. Your parents can set your ticket goal for you.

Level Up

Go to Cool Stuff to use your tickets to open packs of cards. Try to get the hard-to-find Ancient Dragons and make a complete set. You can also buy emojis and see if you are on the leaderboard.

Card Pack

You can also adjust the speed that questions are given to you, or the type of learning path you want. Discuss this with your parent or guardian as they have access to the Parent Command Center which has a range of parameters that can be changed.

Parent Command Center


Socrates works on nearly all commonly available equipment including:

Internet-connected PCs




Android Tablets




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