Socrates for Homeschooling

Socrates helps homeschooling parents by providing a comprehensive tool to track and manage progress across thousands of topics. Socrates creates an individualized learning path for each child dynamically, adjusting question by question to their abilities. Reporting is available to the parent to determine where their child needs help, and to evaluate and track progress through our Homeschooling Command Center. Socrates can be used by families or homeschooling groups, and accessed by parents, teachers, or tutors.

Socrates uses gamification elements to encourage, reward, and engage your children whilst they learn. Your child answers questions to earn tokens and tickets which can be used to play games or purchase just-for-fun items such as virtual pets, avatar enhancements, and emojis. They have to learn more to play more – keeping them constantly engaged and wanting to do more.

Socrates Homeschool Edition – Two pricing options:

Socrates Homeschooling SILVER (Math) – $49/year for up to 5 children) ($10 per additional child)

  • Homeschool Command Center
  • Socrates Math
  • Support via live chat or Email

Socrates Homeschooling GOLD (Math and English) – $99/year for up to 5 children ($20 per additional child)

  • Homeschool Command Center
  • Socrates Math
  • Socrates English Language Arts
  • Support via live chat or email

All packages include the following features:

  • Endless questions across thousands of categories
  • Not just multiple choice – Socrates content includes story problems and multi-part answers
  • Your children have a powerful selection of assisters to help them as they answer questions including:
    • Scratch Pad to calculate answers
    • Learning videos to reinforce skills
    • Read-Aloud option for beginning/struggling readers and auditory learners.
  • The Homeschool Command Center allows you as the teacher to set goals for a single child or for multiple children
  • Create custom quests and badges (available soon)
  • Create and automatically grade homework – providing your children with the same questions or questions aligned with their skill level.
  • Monitor progress for your child or a group of children to see where they may be struggling
  • View results of activity completed “outside” normal schooling hours
  • Control the availability of games for an individual child or for all the children
  • Create competitions using the Education Arena (available soon)
  • Grade-level questline challenges students to explore the 7 wonders of the world from elementary to middle school (available soon)

“One of the biggest reasons we homeschool is because nobody knows or loves our children more than we do. Because we know them so well, we understand that each one is in a different place in their education. What makes Socrates so unique and effective is it recognizes the uniqueness of each student and tailors their course of instruction to where they are at, at that moment.”

Jennifer Flynn

Homeschooling Parent

Here’s what the Socrates for Homeschooling (Homeschool Edition) includes:

Socrates Learning Modules

  • Math (Silver)
  • English Language Arts (Gold, Math and English)

Socrates Administration and Managment Modules

  • Homeschooling Command Center
  • Testing and Benchmarking Module

Socrates Customized Edition

  • Customized/Personalized Login Screen (optional)

Socrates Training

  • Standard Installation & Modules Training (included)
  • Socrates Master-Level Advanced Training (optional)

Socrates Advanced Insights Report

  • Socrates Advanced Insights Report (optional)


Socrates works on nearly all commonly available equipment including:

Internet-connected PCs




Android Tablets




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