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Homeschooling has a Brand New Friend!

Socrates knows what your child needs – automatically!


Always adjusts to keep students on track.

Drives effort with fun games and rewards

Socrates can guide your child or you can take over anytime

Math, Language Arts, and Science

Coming Soon: Social Studies, Languages, and more!

Parents Love It


Rebeka A, Homeschool Parent of Two

After reading about Socrates in the library newsletter I visited to sign-up. Both of my children have loved the program from day one, and it a great homeschooling resource for them. As a parent, I appreciate the Command Center which gives me access to review their work and assist as needed. The kids (ages 9 and 10) say it is so much fun and definitely not like regular school work. Thank you for creating a platform that allows for diversity of learning capacity as well as engages all their senses.


Jennifer Flynn, Homeschooling Parent

One of the biggest reasons we homeschool is because nobody knows or loves our children more than we do. Because we know them so well, we understand that each one is in a different place in their education. What makes Socrates so unique and effective is it recognizes the uniqueness of each student and tailors their course of instruction to where they are at, at that moment.

Kids Love It


Age 7

It’s really fun and easy, very cool. I rate this 5 stars!


Age 10

Socrates is great and it is so much fun to learn this way. I wish i could play this all day…


Age 12

Socrates is so creative and clever and a great way to keep kids interested in learning.

Homeschool Made Easy

Adapts to each child’s learning style.


Get involved as much as you want from Quick Mode to Advanced Mode

Socrates optimizes the learning and engagement process


Full featured Command Center with every tool at your disposal

Truly Individualized Learning

Creates a one-on-one learning experience

Constantly updates the learning pathway in real-time

Adjusts to struggling or “flying along” real-time student behavior


Identifies where the student needs help and then adapts

Rewards that drive effort

Fun and engaging for kids – the more they play, the more they learn.

Integration of learning content with the games

The play-and-learn games work across all subjects and grades

Real world rewards for in-game currency

Broad range of content

K-8: Math, English, Language Arts, Science with more on the way


Content adapts and grows as the student advances grades


Constant updates alert educators to where students need help the most


Multi-lingual and cross-cultural

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