Featured Game – Tetris!

About the game:   Play our version of the classic Tetris with tokens you have won by answering questions correctly!     Are you ready to play and learn? Click below to sign up!  

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Featured Game – Bingo!

About the game:   Press    to See Different   Each    is Worth 1 , 2  or 3  Press    When You Find a    You Like Then Press    to Begin! Earn Bonus    by Matching Numbers Drawn to Your   Fill Your    With Matches and    to Earn Your   Good luck!   Are you...

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Featured Game – Treasure Hunt!

About the game:   Answer questions to search for the Treasure hidden in one of the squares. A Correct answer reveals what is under the square. An Incorrect answer allows the Pirate to get 1 step closer to the Treasure. The Pirate will find the Treasure in 3...

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Highest Ticket Count Winner Goes to…Seth!

Congratulations Seth! Seth was the winner for Highest Ticket Count for the 2nd grade at Stuckey Elementary School! Way to go Seth!!   Pictured: Seth is joined with our very own Candy Rosenberg, VP of Community Outreach.   Are you interested in Socrates for...

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