Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team

Brian G. Rosenberg

Brian G. Rosenberg

Chief Executive Officer

As Co-Founder of the company and Chief Executive Officer, Brian’s role is to provide strategic direction and operational focus to the development and growth of the company. He plays a key role in the company’s go-to-market strategy and overall revenue growth.

Brian has over 25 years of business experience in building and growing companies, including extensive experience in developing and implementing software solutions. He previously built and exited two companies including a consulting firm that was an Inc. 1000 fastest growing company awardee. Brian has also received two Smart CEO Future 50 Awards and previously named as a Distinguished Gentleman of Nevada. He has also assisted with the creation of a new charter school in an underserved area of East Las Vegas.

Brian has also been a guest lecturer at Baylor University (TX) and other prestigious business schools. He is currently a guest lecturer at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and also an expert speaker and author on process improvement.

Brian’s passion is to build a highly innovative software company that will change the way people learn.

Dr. Ralph Thomas

Dr. Ralph Thomas

President and Chief Technology Officer

As the President, Chief Technology Officer, and Co-Founder, Ralph is the true visionary and driver of the Socrates Learning Platform.  He has in-depth knowledge of software design and programming, analytics and data science, as well as how to build a successful software company. Ralph also has over 15 years of experience in building and delivering advanced analytics and business intelligence solutions. He also has significant experience in leadership roles within start-up businesses and helped deliver an eight-fold increase in sales growth in his last company.

Ralph has published three books and written over 80 articles on data science topics. He is also the named inventor on various patents and patent applications, including for Socrates. Previously, Ralph was recognized in the Best Practices Awards by The Data Warehousing Institute.

Ralph has two Masters in Mathematics (The University of Chicago, IL and Princeton University, NJ) and a Ph.D. (University of Nevada, Las Vegas).

Ralph’s passion is creating great software.

Mukesh Gordhan

Mukesh Gordhan

Chief Marketing Officer

As Chief Marketing Officer, Mukesh is responsible for the sales and marketing activities of the Company. His role includes distribution and channel management, sales management, brand management, marketing communications (including advertising, promotions and public relations), market research, product management, pricing and risk management.

Mukesh has over 25 years of experience in business development and go-to-market strategies, with a focus on delivering tangible revenue increases and improved market share. He is well versed in product management and has successfully established and managed numerous channel partnerships and successful sales strategies. He is highly experienced in working in start-ups and growing them into highly-successful enterprises.

Mukesh has a Bachelor of Management Studies (Economics and Marketing, University of Waikato, New Zealand), a Certificate of Business Studies and formerly held Bankers’ Institute qualifications. Mukesh has been involved in the formation of various patents and has contributed to published articles. In a previous role, Mukesh was instrumental in that company winning over 20 international and industry technology awards for innovation, excellence and business transformation.

Mukesh’s passion is to promote, promote, and promote Socrates around the world.

Kathleen Decker

Kathleen Decker

Education Strategist

Kathleen Decker has been an educator for the past 29 years. She has developed an award winning magnet program that transformed Walter Bracken STEAM Academy. When Ms. Decker was appointed principal in 2001, Walter Bracken was one of the lowest performing schools in the district. Over the years, the program has received national, state, and local recognition.  The Clark County School District was so impressed by the success at Walter Bracken; they franchised the program to two more underperforming schools and made Ms. Decker the principal of all three. Over the years she has focused on sustainability to ensure the school’s mission and vision live long past her tenure.

Ms. Decker is most know for her sustainability by leveraging the community and building partnerships. She is passionate about school culture and climate. Ms. Decker has presented at several national conferences on building a school theme, starting a reading series program, giving students choice through explorations, using gardens in schools, and promoting financial literacy. She has mentored many educators and will continue to work toward creating engaging opportunities for students in the future.


Grace A. Funcion

Grace A. Funcion

VP Curriculum Design

As the VP Curriculum Design, Grace’s focus is to create an extensive and outstanding portfolio of school curriculum content. This content, coupled with Grace’s real-life classroom experiences, help deliver a solution that is not only fun but easy-to-use and time-saving, for both teachers and students. Grace is recognized as a classroom innovator having spent her much of her teaching career focused on technology-enabled learning in the classroom. Grace has also introduced numerous enhancement programs to aid the learning process for school students. As an avid gamer and game-designer, Grace also provides valuable insights into how content can best be delivered for maximum results. Grace holds a BA English, BA French (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) and a Master of Education (Sierra Nevada College). Grace sits on the Futuro Academy board of trustees where she is chair of the Academic Committee. Grace’s passion is to build smart content to better support teachers and to help the student learning process.

Zachary W. A. Brown

Zachary W. A. Brown

VP Customer Services

As VP Customer Services, Zachary is responsible for ensuring all aspects of customer engagement and delivery processes (including organization set-up, training, and support) are effectively and efficiently managed.  

As a recognized leader in software development and implementations, Zachery has managed and provided pivotal solutions to both healthcare and educational organizations. With over 10 years of hands-on experience, his creativity and drive to solve problems are a powerful force in delivering outstanding customer service.

Zachery is the Chairperson for the Nevada Healthcare Technology Association.

Zachery’s passion is to deliver, deliver, deliver!

Candy Rosenberg

Candy Rosenberg

VP Community Outreach

Candy Rosenberg has a long history as a successful entrepreneur and educator and is passionate about improving the education system.  She has built and sold a successful retail and e-commerce business specializing in educational toys and games.  She is also President of an import/export business located in Las Vegas.

As an educator, she has helped to teach languages to children and adults.  She is tri-lingual, reading and writing Mandarin, Thai, and English.  Her experience immigrating to the United States has encouraged her to help others, and as a result she has assisted many aspiring Americans to obtain student, work, and investment visas.

As a mother of three young children she has been instrumental in the design and improvement of the Socrates project in its early stages. As a respected member of the community, she has been instrumental in building grass roots support for a new way to teach our children.



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